Floor Frame White 750 mm Depth Full Steel Lab Furniture Modular Lab Benches

起源の場所: 広東省、中国(本土)
ブランド名: SUCLAB
証明: SGS ISO9001 ISO14001 OHSAS
モデル番号: HZJA1902
最小注文数量: 2 セット
価格: negociate
パッケージの詳細: 木箱
受渡し時間: 15 の仕事日
支払条件: トン/ Tは、ウェスタンユニオンは、L /℃
供給の能力: 月額1000
ブランド名: SUCLAB 材質: 完全な鋼鉄
関連キーワード: 2 セット パッケージ: 木箱
使用法: 実験室、学校 キーワード: 研究室の家具
項目No。: HZJA1902 起源の場所: 中国
一般的な使用: 商業用家具 タイプ: 実験室の家具
金属タイプ: 完全な鋼鉄 寸法: 作られる顧客


Floor Frame White 750 mm  Depth Full Steel Lab Furniture Modular Lab Benches



Profesional Design:

  Our lab furniture can design and customize lab furniture with you. you only supply to us your layout, and description of your application. and we will give you designing drawing to you.



Quick Details


Size:  L*750/1500*850 mm

Type:  Laboratory workbench furniture

General Use:  Commercial Furniture

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Color:  blue

Frame: H-frame,C-frame customized

Worktop: Epoxy phenolic resin board, epoxy resin board

MOQ: 2 pcs

Loading Port: Guangzhou,shenzhen

Delivery Terms: EXW,FOB,CIF,CFR

Guarantee: 3 Years



Accessories of Lab Furniture:


Reagent Shelf 1.2mm mechanism of thick high quality cold-rolled steel sheet as a substrate, laminate 10MM thick frosted glass two-tier structure, with holes of different height, height can be adjusted according to the actual need to be free to use.
Lab Sinks Material: high density PP, strong corrosion resistance.
Lab Faucets

Tap:PP-R pure tap.Material:PP-R plastic pipes.Spool:Precision plastic spool.

The handle:PP material,ergonomic design,comfortable and convenient.

Eyewasher Copper tubing eyewasher,gloss epoxy resin coating, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, anti ultraviolet radiation.
Lab Pegboard Material: high density PP;Type: single / double;The bottom tray is arranged in the middle of the drainage hole;Removable drip stick has a locking function, easy to use.
Lab Chairs With the use of high quality plated axial lead, stool surface once molded of FRP.



Descriptions of Lab Furniture:


Product Name Lab Furniture
Material Steel Structure
Size General Size For L3000*1500*850mm.
Bench Top Using laboratory special 12.7mm solid physiochemical board, double thick edge. Resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion resistance.
Frame 1.0mm cold rolled steel sheet through integral forming.
Drawer and Cabinet 1.0mm cold rolled steel sheet through integral forming.
Adjustable Feet Combination of stainless steel and high-strength nylon anchor, with non-slip cushioning and height adjustable function.



Photos : 



Floor Frame White  750 mm  Depth  Full Steel Lab Furniture Modular Lab Benches 0  




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